Action Picture Cars is an old company with a new name.  Howard Brown and Sons Auto Sales, Inc. has been a successful auto sales company for more than thirty years.  Action Picture Cars is our new studio rental company.  Howard Brown and Sons has been renting picture cars for years and we are now making it our business.  We personally own hundreds of cars that fill the needs of many different production companies.  We supply vehicles for film, television, commercials, print advertising, videos and much more.  We have a wide range of vehicles to choose from.  We have show quality period piece vehicles as well as rough and damaged vehicles.  We hav eboth late and early model vehicles.  Our specialty is damaged vehicles of all years, from Ferraris to Focuses you’ll find a large inventory to choose from.  We also specialize in matching those damaged vehicles with whole, undamaged vehicles for before and after shots.  Our business is located in Sun Valley, California and is only minutes away from most major studios.

Action Picture Cars has tow trucks and trailers for all of your transportation needs but, most importantly, we want your business and we will make your rental experience a pleasant one.  Owning our cars makes it easy for us to be flexible on our rental prices which, in turn, keeps us very competitive.

For references, please don’t hesitate to call, as our list is very long.  You can see some examples of where our vehicles have been used on the Seen In page.  Action Picture Cars truly looks forward to doing business with you in the future.

Action Picture Cars can be reached at:  818-767-2355

or by e-mail at:

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